A delight for body and mind.

Coen Tuerlings developed the Soundfulness Method in collaboration with Kees Peters. It is a simple method, influenced by indigenous and ritual ways of thinking and traditions where conscious contact is stimulated with other levels of reality. The information that becomes clear can be a valuable addition to the daily reality level. A supplement that is often not obvious and delivers remarkable results.

The Soundfulness method helps you on a personal and professional level to communicate successfully from original empathic abilities. Ultimately it is about what is not said, about silence, appreciation, being fully understood and heard. Discover your unique way to make contact based on self-confidence, conscious experience of emotions and empathic resonance.

Soundfulness® sound relaxation has a positive effect in Stress, Depression, Restlessness, Fear, Migraine, High Sensitivity, Bad sleep, problems with circulation and digestion.


Develop your personal resonance field. Let yourself be amazed, moved, how gentle, spontaneous and vital you can be, in contact with yourself and with others.


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